Villa Godi Malinverni

the first villa by Andrea Palladio

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Villa Godi Malinverni
1 DAY - Villas, Parks and Gardens

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Itinerary for Groups:
- Villa Trissimo Marzotto
- Castello Colleoni Porto Thiene
- Villa Godi Malinverni - dinner is available in the restaurant or the frescoed rooms of the villa

Further information

Visit villa and gardens - duration 75 mins
Built as a fortress by the noble family Trissino during the Middle Ages, it was transformed into a villa in the 1400's, assuming its present form in 1700's, after the intervention of Muttoni and Dal Pozzo.The park provides one of the most interesting examples of an eighteenth-century garden in Europe, with fish ponds, sculptures, vases and a rare example of the parterre.
Please take note that for historical and architectural interest, we recomend a visit to the city of Marostica, 17km from Thiene,with it's city walls that go to connect the Upper and Lower Castle,and the famous Piazza degli Scacchi, where a chess match with living characters is played , the second weekend of September, every even year.

Visit castel and garden – duration 60 min.
The structure of the castle is that of a Venetian palace with towers and Gothic mullions.
An extraordinary example of a prepalladian Villa ,it is a landmark in the understanding of the fundamental
evolution of Venetian villas.The interior is furnished with a period decor and houses a collection of portraits and equestrian paintings. Very interesting is a cycle of frescoes by G.B.Zelotti and G.A.Fasolo who decorated the hall containing the gothic fireplace.
completing the structure is the 17th century stable built by Francesco Muttoni, considered to be the most luxurious in all of the Veneto area. There is a 15th century ice room present in the gardens. It is possible to do wine tasting in the antique kitchen, lunch or dinner in the castle with the presence of an external catering service.

Visit the villa – duration 60/90 min.
Questa è riconosciuta come la prima villa di Andrea Palladio del 1542, in cui il grande architetto esprime le sue concezioni spaziali che verranno poi elaborate con esiti classici dopo i suoi viaggi a Roma. Il corpo della villa racchiude al suo interno un vasto ciclo pittorico. Grandi artisti quali Gianbattista Zelotti, Battista del Moro e Gualtiero Padovano primo grande paesaggista veneto hanno arricchito questa splendida dimora di affreschi. Un giardino all’italiana ed un parco ottocentesco romantico avvolgono nella collina la Villa. Per i più appassionati una ricca collezione di Fossili, tra cui si ricorda la Palma Fossile più lunga al mondo, ben 9 metri completa di radici e fogliame.

Program dedicated to groups min. 10 people, available all year round by appointment.
Average price per person € 22-28.
The price includes the entrance fees to the museums (depending on the chosen alternative) and it does not include the guide service and the lunch.

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For information and reservations:
tel. +39 0445.860561
skype: villagodi
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